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Register: Upstate Supervisor Forum Series 1/26/18

Upstate Supervisor Forum Series Workshops is an opportunity to discuss topics and interact with local area Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisors.
Convinently scheduled during Friday middle day breaks, attendees will earn 2 Continuing Education Supervision Units.

Upstate Supervisor Forum Series Workshops are facilitated by HopeThreadgill, PsyD and Don Keller, Ed.D @:
Anchor of Hope Counseling of Clemson, PA
110 Liberty Drive, Suite 203
Clemson, SC 29631

Objectives for Supervisor Forum Workshops

Upstate Supervisor Forum provides facilitation and group discussion of supervision topics that include but not limited to: Exploring the future impact of the clinical mental health industry on our society. Increase knowledge of future trends of  mental health supervision. Attendees will be provided the opportunity to share their views of what type of counselor/counseling supervision may be required in the future.

Friday January 26, 2018
1200 pm - 200 pm                                  
Supervisor Forum:
DSM 5: Case Conceptulization of Sexual Dysfunctions
Attendees are asked to bring their personal DSM 5.