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Common Questions

Is it better for me to join my state chapter (SCALPC) or the National (AMHCA) association?

Joining at a National level is the most fruitful and cost effective way to join!  When you become a National member, you receive all the National benefits (monthly journals, trainings, advertising, etc.), and the local state benefits (training, advocacy, mentoring, etc.).  The difference in cost is minimal. To join as a National member visit amhca.org

Is liability insurance included in my SCALPC membership?
SCALPC's national organization AMHCA has teamed with CPH Inc. to provide discounted liability insurance for members.  Directions for receiving this discount are given in the CPH's application process. (see: cphins.com). This discount is provided for those who join at a national level only.
(visit amhca.org to register at a national level)

Liability insurance is FREE through CPH to students who join at a National level. Visit amhca.org to become a student member at a National level.